Adhnan Sulaiman

Lead Guitar

From Astoria, NY, Adhnan's experiences living in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres are only a part of his amazing journey.

At the age of 10, Adhnan and his family left New York to live in Bangladesh. It was there where Adhnan was exposed to a culture so drawn and appreciative of music. "The people of Bangladesh just love music so much. I was lucky to be surrounded by people who were just natural composers."

Adhnan was drawn to the guitar after he saw a friend playing an original piece. "There was something about the way that my friend played the guitar. In retrospect, the piece wasn't complicated, but there was a purity to it, and at that moment, I knew that I wanted play guitar." 

Adhnan learned to play guitar by listening to the masters, citing that his "teachers" were Yngwie Malmsteem, Jason Becker, and John Petrucci (to name a few). He would go on to play in numerous local bands and continue to refine his skills. 

After a decade in Bangladesh, Adhnan returned back to New York to attend college. It was during a random trip to Guitar Center where Adhnan met Eduardo in the acoustic guitar room. "I remember hearing this guy playing the hell out of this Taylor. It was loud and a little annoying because I was trying to test out a guitar, but then he overheard me playing some Dream Theater and Final Fantasy music...that's when he stopped playing."

It was at that moment that Eduardo and Adhnan formed a musical connection. Shortly after, Adhnan was invited to a practice and has ever since been an integral member of The Poynt.

Photography by Florin Tilinca, 2017.



2017 Moniker Anastasia, Shell Pink
2014 Suhr Classic Antique, Shell Pink
2014 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus, Ocean Perimeter
2014 Fender Limited Edition Telecaster, Seafoam Green w/ Rosewood Neck

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