Dom turo


From Queens, NY, Dom and Eduardo met in high school and started jamming out in Dom’s basement studio. Soon after, they both joined The Victory, a local punk band. After playing the scene for a few years, Dom teamed up with Eduardo, and is now the driving force of The Poynt.



Tama Starclassic Red Sparkle Finish
10"×8" Tom
12"×10" Tom
16"×14" Floor Tom
14"×6.5 Snare


14" A Custom Dyno Beat Hi-Hats
17" A Custom Projection Crash
18" A Custom Projection Crash (×2)
19" A Custom Projection Crash
18" Oriental China Trash
22" A Custom Ping Ride


Sticks: Ahead 7A
Pedals: Tama IronCobra Power-Glide Double Bass

Photography by    Scryer Photo   , 2018.

Photography by Scryer Photo, 2018.