The Poynt and Fitness...the best collaboration!

Hey Everyone!

You know that we LOVE to talk about music, and gear, and gear, and gear...but there's another side to us that we don't usually talk about on this end.

If you've ever visited either Eduardo's or Adhnan's social media accounts, you would know how active they are in the Health & Fitness movement, with Adhnan dedicating the past decade to body sculpture. In fact, it was Adhnan who convinced Eduardo to abandon a traditional gym to explore the world of calisthenics. 

Adhnan has been a member of the calisthenics community for several years, working out with members from Bar-Barians, Team Inkredibles, and BarStarzz along his journey. It wasn't until last year that Eduardo started regularly working out alongside Adhnan; the rest is history.

Fast forward to MDW 2017, where most people are either at the beach or kicking back on a few beers at a family BBQ, Eduardo and Adhnan were both underneath the RFK Bridge at Astoria Park's new outdoor gym. There usually isn't too much buzz about these workout sessions, but that weekend, the park was visited by BarStarzz's and Pull Up ark Jam's Nuri Shakoor, who happened to be documenting the entire workout! 


Check out Nuri's full review of the park, which features Eduardo!